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Workers could save on auto insurance by carpooling

Posted On Wed, September 30, 2009

U.S. government statistics show that millions of Americans could be saving more money on their auto insurance rates by finding other ways to get to work, such as carpooling or taking public transportation.

According to figures from the 2000 Census, 76 percent of workers drove to work alone at that time. Only 12 percent carpooled with other co-workers, while 4.7 percent used public transportation and 3.3 percent worked at home.

Other ways people reported getting to work included walking (2.9 percent) and using a motorcycle or bicycle (1.2 percent).

For the millions of people who drive to work alone each day, they may be missing out on low-mileage discounts offered by many different car insurance companies. Such discounts apply to people who drive under a set number of miles each year and are often good for about 10 percent of a premium's total cost.

Another trend to watch for when it comes to alternatives to commuting is the spread of pay as you go insurance policies. Under such policies, drivers are charged for coverage based on a given number of miles they expect to drive, potentially saving considerably on their auto insurance rates in the process.


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