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Why Bodily Injury liability should be Part of Your Auto Insurance Policy - Watch Video

Posted On Wed, February 8, 2012

When it comes to auto insurance policies, most people think of two words--collision and liability. Collision, for the most part, is pretty self-explanatory. When you get into an accident, that portion of your policy covers the damage to the vehicle(s) involved. Liability, on the other hand, isn't always as straight forward. However, most states require it. So whether you have it and aren't quite sure why or you're debating whether or not you need it, here's why it's important.

bodily injury liability protection
Bodily Injury Liability Protection


While no one wants to see the front of their car smashed in, that's usually not your first concern if you're involved in an accident. Your first thought and probably your first words will be, "Is everyone alright?" Unfortunately, the answer to that question isn't always yes. Millions--yes millions--of people are injured in car accidents each year. And many of those injuries result in lawsuits where you can end up footing the bill.

With bodily injury liability, you help protect your assets if you get into an accident and injure someone. Undoubtedly, this is protection that you absolutely need since lawsuits of this nature can be quite steep. If you're found at fault for the injury of someone else, you can be held responsible--or liable--for pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of wages, and other damages. Your bodily injury liability protects you by paying the damages you owe including legal costs.

If you're not required by the state to have bodily injury liability, you should get it anyways. It's financially irresponsible not to. Accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. And if you don't have coverage, you can be forced to sell property, cash in on savings, and hand over future earnings. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent today about bodily injury liability and making sure you have the proper amount of coverage.

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