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What's Comprehensive Auto Coverage? Watch Video

Posted On Wed, February 8, 2012

Do you have a new car or are you leasing a car? If so, you will certainly want to watch this video on comprehensive auto coverage. You know how much it can cost to finance a car. Do you really want to risk that money on the chance that can something can go wrong?  Now we're not talking about collisions. We're talking about the other things that can happen in life like hail, theft, fire, falling trees, animal damage, or so much else. Comprehensive auto coverage can help protect you from the things that you may have little control over.

comprehensive coverage
Comprehensive Coverage


To begin, you will want to figure out whether or not you need comprehensive auto coverage. Generally speaking, it's not worth it if you have an older car that you're not making payments, but for a new car or financed car, it is generally recommended or expected. You should also take a look at what kind of payments you want to make. Lower payments may sound good, but a higher deductible could cost you much more if you suffer extensive damages. Generally, you want to take pay as much as you can afford.

Things happen in life that you can't control. You do have control over the coverage you have though. Check out our comprehensive auto coverage video and website to get a better understanding if this insurance will help you stay protected. 

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