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Weather system rips roofs off homes 15 miles apart

Posted On Tue, March 1, 2011

Despite being 15 miles apart, two Ohio homeowners woke up on Monday morning to the same nightmare: Their roofs were gone.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, even though though the home damage was caused by the same storm, field investigations by the National Weather Service determined one roof was damaged due to a tornado that had touched down, while the other was caused by straight-line winds.

John Darst, whose roof was lifted by a tornado, told the paper it wasn't until firefighters pointed out his roof was missing that he noticed.

"We though we just had a shingle come loose," said Darst.

Crystal Marks, the owner of the other home, told the Dispatch the wild winds were extremely loud.

"It sounded like someone was kicking in the door, then like an explosion," Marks said.

The paper said Marks was on the phone with her insurance company outside her home when reporters arrived.

By getting in touch with her home insurance agent immediately after the incident, Marks was doing what industry experts recommend, as she and her insurance agent will likely be able to accurately account for all of the damage her home sustained. 

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