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Watching too much TV may increase chance of death, says study

Posted On Tue, January 12, 2010

Turns out watching too much television may be bad for you after all.

According to a study in Australia released Monday by the American Heart Association, each hour that an individual spends watching television instead of being more active was linked to an 11 percent greater risk of any form of death.

More specifically, the study found that every hour in front of the tube led to an 18 percent greater chance of falling victim to a cardiovascular disease and a 9 percent increased risk of dying from cancer, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"What we showed was that irrespective of a person's exercise level, sitting for four or more hours watching television was linked to a significant increase in risk of death compared to watching lower amounts of TV," said Dr. David Dunstan, lead author of the study.

Whether or not linked to the specific act of watching television, the act of participating in what Dunstan characterized as too much "non-sweaty" activities and not enough exercise has long been connected with an increased risk of developing health problems that could lead to an increase in health and/or life insurance premiums.

For those who live increasingly sedentary lifestyles, searching for the best available rates online may help offset some eventual costs caused by health problems while also allowing for proper medical coverage to treat any maladies.

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