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Washington D.C. tops list of best states for teen drivers

Posted On Fri, March 19, 2010

A new survey released Thursday by U.S. News Media Group and Allstate Insurance Company has found that Washington D.C. is the best state or district for teen drivers to live in.

The survey reached its results after analyzing state driving laws, road conditions, and government statistics on teen driver safety. Following Washington D.C. was California, Colorado, Maryland, and Illinois.

"Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens today," said U.S. News Editor Brian Kelly. "By compiling the most critical information on driving safety, the Best States for Teen Drivers can raise awareness among families and help them address safety concerns with their teenage drivers."

The survey also offered some conflicting information in regard to teen drivers, as 82 percent of them claimed to use cell phones while driving and 49 percent admitted to being extremely distracted by texting and instant messaging while behind the wheel, 65 percent also classified themselves as good drivers who pay attention.

Even families who fully trust their teenagers behind the wheel of a car must acknowledge that they too are prone to mistakes as they get more experience behind the wheel. Because of that, they should ensure their auto insurance coverage protects their vehicles properly against all types of damages, both major and minor.

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