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Understanding Collision Coverage in Car Insurance Policies - Watch Video

Posted On Wed, February 8, 2012

With something as important as car insurance, it can become easy for people to over complicate things. Sometimes the best thing to do is to break down car insurance into its components. This way you can look for the different features in different quotes and discover the policy that best matches your needs. For instance, we put together an easy-to-understand video on collision coverage. In less than a minute, our instructional video can help you understand what collision coverage is and how important it will be to your car insurance policy.

collision coverage
Collision Coverage


Our instructional video features an illustration of how collision coverage works. If you have collision coverage in your car insurance policy, you have coverage that will pay for the damage done to your car – and your car only – when it collides with another object. This object could be another car, a tree or anything else. When you have a deductible, you pay the amount you agreed upon first and then the insurance company will pay up to the limit of your coverage. Your coverage limit is usually up to the value of your car. It's important to remember that collision coverage will not pay for any bills that come with a fatality, medical bills, or any damage that was not caused by a collision.

Like all of our instructional videos, our collision coverage video was created to help you make the best choice when comparing insurance quotes. After watching our array of instructional videos, you can go into your quote search with confidence. By understanding the policy you need ahead of time, finding the best car insurance quote for you on is easy.

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