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Travel tips to consider this Memorial Day

Posted On Mon, May 20, 2013

With Memorial Day approaching, this is traditionally the time of year in which the busy summer travel season commences, as families take to the streets and the air in order to getaway from life's daily grind.

To help consumer get to their destination as happily as possible, road map company Rand McNally offers some travel ideas.

For those who intend to drive to their hideaway, getting the car into the proper condition is crucial. For example, at the very least, it should go in for a tune-up to a trusted auto mechanic, who can check the vehicle's various vital signs indicating whether it needs to have any work done. And because the car will be occupied for several hours, it's a good idea to have the interior cleaned up thoroughly by vacuuming the upholstery and taking out anything that doesn't need to be there, specifically belongings that only take up space.

Have plenty of travel-friendly games available
After hours spent in the car, driving can get tedious if there aren't games and activities for passengers. Rand McNally recommends keeping things interesting by purchasing some games that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, if time isn't a factor, it may be worthwhile to stop at various locations along the way in order to make the road trip a lasting, memorable experience.

Paying attention to everyone's well-being along the way is crucial as well. Thus, parents should be sure to keep the comfort of their kids in mind, seeing to it that bathroom breaks are taken now and again and that there's plenty of nutritious food to be had. In other words, instead of stocking the car with empty calorie food sources like candy or potato chips, something with a bit more substance - such as a piece of fruit or some chopped up vegetables with dip - has the combination of fiber and nutrients to help satisfy hunger pangs.

Despite gas prices rising, insurance provider AAA, which also provides motorists with auto insurance quotes, indicates that about 500,000 more Americans will travel this Memorial Day than they did last year. More than half of respondents to a recent poll the provider conducted said that the price at the pump would not factor into their travel decisions.

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