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Tired driving a real danger for consumers

Posted On Tue, November 15, 2011

A recent report from New Jersey insurance company Plymouth Rock Assurance reminded consumers that drowsy driving is a real danger while on the road.

One study cited by the report noted that one in six fatal crashes involved a tired driver, while another noted that close to 10 percent of drivers from the ages of 16-45 drive while drowsy at least once a week.

"Drowsy driving occurs frequently with drivers working long hours and being tired on the road, and people don't tend to think about or recognize it as a potential danger," said Gerry Wilson, president and chief executive officer of Plymouth Rock Management Company of New Jersey. "We want everyone to be aware of the impact that drowsy driving can have - on our customers, our employees and all New Jersey drivers."

Consumers who practice safe driving are likely still at risk on the road, due to others not working to be as vigilant. In order to ensure a driver is protected, it may be a smart plan to make certain that their auto insurance coverage is as complete as possible. This can be done by comparing auto insurance quotes to see which is the best for its value.

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