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Tips to improve the air quality in your home

Posted On Fri, February 7, 2014

The air quality of your home can impact quality of life. While much concern these days has been focused on reducing carbon emissions and improving the air quality outside, a greater concern might be the quality of air inside. 

Your home is more susceptible to changes in air quality because it is an enclosed environment, whereas the outside air circulates freely. Because of this, more problems can arise with the air inside the house. Moisture can lead to mold, radon levels could be high. If you are looking to improve the quality of your air, here are few tips:

  • Sweep and mop often: One way to ensure the air in your home stays clean is by sweeping and mopping the floors often. Carpets can become infested with allergens, but frequent vacuuming can reduce concentrations drastically. Mopping is another effective way in removing dust and improving air quality. Certain products on the market will capture dirt and dust more effectively than others, like microfiber mops.
  • Get some air-cleaning plants: Some household plants are great at cleaning the air in your home. The snake plant, for example, is a common plant that can be found at just about any home and garden store, and does a great job in filtering formaldehyde from the air. Other air-cleaning plants include: Aloe, the spider plant, chrysanthemums, English ivy and the Chinese evergreen. 
  • Remove asbestos: While a lot has been done to make sure asbestos no longer remains in homes and businesses, still some lingers. Buildings that were constructed more than 20 years ago often used asbestos. As this is cause of cancer, not to mention a primary culprit for poor air quality, homeowners should make sure there isn't any. 

Following these tips can drastically improve your home's air quality, something that has been understated in importance for the inside of a home.

Homeowners interested in affordable home insurance rates are encouraged to keep their air clean and find reputable help. 

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