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Three Reasons You Could be Denied Home Owners Insurance

Posted On Fri, December 16, 2011

Home owners insurance is essential for home owners.  You need to be sure your home is protected against any problem or disaster.  Home insurance isn't something you can instantly qualify for; you need to meet certain requirements to be covered.  Remember, passing a building inspection does not mean you'll instantly qualify for insurance.  There are some things that people know will affect their home's insurability (faulty wiring, bad plumbing), but there are some big things people don't even consider.  Check out these three things before you start applying for home owners insurance.

Your Roof

Roofs are one of the most common reasons a house is rejected for insurance coverage.  A roof doesn't need to have a gaping hole in it to fail house inspections, worn down roofs and a few missing shingles can be enough to deny insurability.  Water damage and mold are the main reasons for these extreme measures.  These two issues can not only affect the insurability of a home, but also the re-sale value.  Before you even look for home insurance quotes, make sure your roof is in good condition.

Your Plants

You may think that Ivy, Kuzdu, or any other climbing plant adds class and dignity to your home.  Although climbing plants look nice, they could be seriously affecting your chance at getting home insurance.  These plants can cause major blockage in your downspouts, drains, and gutters.  These plants also up your risk for mold and wood deterioration, the moisture these plants retain can easily get into any wooden structure.  Some insurance companies will require that the growth be cut back; some may even require all of the growth to be cut away.

Your Home Improvements

People are normally shocked when they find out that home improvements can actually negatively affect your chance at getting home owners insurance.  Whether you're completely re-doing your kitchen or simply fixing a crack in the foundation, always sure to always check with your home insurance company before making any changes to your home.  Some insurance companies will simply ask for a receipt documenting the changes and will send you on your way.  Other companies may require that any home repairs should be done by licensed contractors, they may have a specific contractor you need to use.

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