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Those without health insurance more likely to die from traumatic injuries

Posted On Tue, November 17, 2009

A recent study shows that people without health insurance are almost twice as likely to die because of traumatic injuries.

The study was conducted by researchers from Harvard University and showed that those without health insurance who had a severe injury were 80 percent more likely to die because of their wounds when compared to people who have insurance.

Though the numbers showed people without insurance run a greater risk of dying, the exact cause is unknown, especially since emergency rooms are required to stabilize patients regardless of their insurance status. The researchers did cite a number of possibilities, including the fact the hospitals that treat people without insurance may be underfunded.

Furthermore, regardless of the law, people without insurance may get treated differently, which would include them being more likely to be transferred out of a hospital once they are stabilized.

The study comes as members of Congress continue to debate the issue of reforming the health care system in the country. The Senate is in the process of looking at a bill that was recently passed by the House.

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