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Texting while driving may lead to higher regarding insurance rates

Posted On Thu, December 31, 2009

As evidence continues to mount that sending and receiving text messages behind the wheel while driving is an extremely dangerous activity, a new study has found that accident victims due to the distracted drivers may see their insurance rates skyrocket as well.

According to a leading insurance website, the recent rise in the numbers of motorists who engage in texting while they are behind the wheel has been found to have a detrimental effect on the auto insurance rates of those who get into accidents with the distracted drivers.

Accidents caused by cell phone use have been led to increases in insurance rates of anywhere from 10 to 50 percent.

"Engaging in distracting behavior like texting while driving, which takes the driver's hands off of the steering wheel, is extremely risky and can increase the likelihood of accidents," said Sam Belden, the website's vice president. "Even minor accidents can cause injuries and steep insurance rate hikes."

Referencing an earlier survey taken by the website, it added that accident victims usually saw their insurance rates climb from $302 to $458 on an annual basis.

In addition to the 14 states that banned texting while driving, an executive order by President Barack Obama went into effect today that prohibited federal workers from texting while behind the wheel as well.

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