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Texas has lowest rate of health insurance in U.S.

Posted On Mon, September 12, 2011

A recent Gallup poll revealed that the state with largest percentage of residents without adequate healthcare coverage was Texas, while Massachusetts owned the highest percentage.

Texas had more than 27 percent of its population uninsured, and was followed by Mississippi and Alaska, with 24.5 percent and 23.5 percent, respectively.

"Uninsured rates across states in 2011 appear to be relatively stable so far compared with 2010, but remain higher than in 2008," the poll noted. "However, more than 10 percent of adults lack healthcare coverage in almost all states, with more than 15 percent going uninsured in 29 states."

Massachusetts had only 5.3 percent its citizens without healthcare, the poll noted. This is mainly due to insurance rates not having as much of an effect on the population's coverage, as it is mandatory for all citizens, due to previous legislation.

Vermont had the second lowest percentage of uninsured residents, with all but 9.2 percent of their citizens covered. Minnesota came in third, with 9.4 percent of residents uncovered.

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