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Sustainable structures may reduce property loss

Posted On Thu, September 23, 2010

Homeowners and communities lose money every year because of damage caused by natural disasters. In fact, the Institute for Business and Home Safety says more than $35 billion in direct property loss can be attributed to hurricanes, floods, fires, and the like.

Developing buildings made withstand natural disasters can help reduce costs in the long run. The IBHS is joining forces with the Portland Cement Association and have devised the "High Performance Building Requirements for Sustainability."

IBHS director of building code development Wanda Edwards says implementing the new set of criteria will help lead to long-lasting structures.

"Using these requirements will give forward-thinking communities not just more efficient buildings, but more sustainable communities that have the ability to resist and recover from disasters when they occur," says Edwards.

Building sustainable homes may ultimately help people save money. Those who live in residential communities that are considered safe and aren't in high-risk areas tend to get lower homeowners insurance quotes.

Building a home or office building that meets certain criteria doesn't mean people should neglect to use common sense. It's still important for people to heed warnings about potential natural disasters.

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