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Survey reveals best, worst cities for flossing

Posted On Fri, March 8, 2013

In addition to brushing twice a day, dentists and hygienists say that flossing is every bit as important as the use of toothpaste. And based on a recent survey, Los Angeles residents are taking this bit of advice the most seriously.

According to a recent poll conducted by national oral care product company DenTek, California's most populous city was named the nationwide leader for flossing health. Close to half of respondents - 45 percent - said that they flossed their teeth at least once a day.

Other cities whose dental habits were more than up to par included Boston, Detroit, Miami and Atlanta.

"We commissioned this consumer opinion survey to drill down into flossing habits and behaviors in America's biggest cities," said Charlotte Havely, marketing vice president for DenTek. "About 35 percent of people we talked to are frequent flossers, which is very encouraging."

She added that not only are there a number of health benefits that result from flossing on a consistent basis, good oral hygiene may also translate into lower health insurance rates, thanks to a reduced risk of having to visit the dentist because of toothache or cavity.

"If you take care of your teeth, by brushing and flossing regularly, you can alleviate pain down the road - in your mouth and your wallet," she said.

The survey also pointed out the cities where flossing was less common, led by Cleveland, Ohio. Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco and Chicago rounded out the bottom-five flossing cities.

Improper or infrequent flossing can also lead to gum disease. According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 48 percent of Americans have some form of periodontal disease.

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