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Survey finds red light cameras change driving behavior

Posted On Thu, September 23, 2010

Running a red light can have devastating consequences. All it takes is going through one for an accident to happen. At the very least, a motorists could end up with a traffic citation and higher auto insurance premiums. At worst, a death could occur as the result of someone's carelessness.

A number of cities across the country have begun to install traffic cameras in an attempt to deter red light runners and penalize those who break the law.

PEMCO Auto Insurance recently conducted a poll and found that more than half of the drivers in Washington state admit that the cameras do affect how they drive. However, almost the same amount of drivers indicated they don't want the cameras to be in use.

"It's clear that drivers are lining up on difference sides of the issue," says PEMCO spokesperson Jon Osterberg. "But either way, cameras do deter drivers from running red lights, according to this latest poll."

According to the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running, more than 400 communities in the country use the monitoring device. The cameras reportedly save $38,000 per location.

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