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Survey: Family, friends as responsible for health as doctors

Posted On Fri, October 7, 2011

A recent survey found that an individual's health is the responsibility of medical professionals, family and friends equally.

The Edelman Health Barometer 2011 found more than 40 percent of people think that those around them have the biggest impact on their health habits, while 36 percent feel that these people have the largest influence on their own nutrition, which can impact health insurance costs.

Approximately three in 10 noted that they avoid situations where their friends take part in activities that are harmful of their health, but more than 40 percent do not think about health when interacting with others.

"Whether we mean to or not, we influence public and personal health in all aspects of our lives," said Nancy Turett, global president of Health for Edelman. "Health - good and bad - is communicable, and it is the responsibility of every citizen, especially those of us with leadership roles in any sector or industry, to act on this."

While friends and family can be helpful, they are not the only source of medical knowledge. Having a doctor and making regular visits is a good idea, and in order to make the process more affordable, comparing health insurance quotes may be the best plan.

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