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Supreme Court could decide on healthcare reform in many ways

Posted On Thu, March 29, 2012

A recent report from The Associated Press noted that the Affordable Care Act, which is up for debate by the U.S. Supreme Court, could be ruled on in many different ways.

The law can be upheld, deemed unconstitutional or a mix of the two, according to the report. If the law is upheld, this would stop any legal issues immediately. This would make progress continue as planned, but would not remove the political issues that remain.

Killing the law altogether would force many things already in place to be rolled back, according to the news source. In addition, any progress planned in the future would effectively be canceled.

The Supreme Court could also decide to keep the Affordable Care Act, but remove the insurance mandate, or vice versa, the report added. There may also be other combinations that could occur.

Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on the situation, it may be important for a consumer to be proactive about their health insurance. By comparing health insurance quotes now to find the most affordable health insurance rates available, a person may put themselves in the best position possible when reform kicks in.

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