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Study: Texting slows drivers' ability to react

Posted On Mon, October 10, 2011

A recent study from the Texas Transportation Institute found drivers have their reaction time increased significantly when distracted by text messages.

The study tested 42 drivers on a closed course while texting and reading messages while driving. Reaction delays were increased during the project, as the person without distractions typically reacted within one to two seconds, but this increased to three to four seconds when distracted.

"Most research on texting and driving has been limited to driving simulators," said Christine Yager, associate transportation researcher for TTI's Center for Transportation Safety. "This study involved participants driving an actual vehicle. So one of the more important things we know now that we didn't know before is that response times are even slower than we previously thought."

For consumers who do drive safely and don't break cell phone use laws, it is still a good idea for them to have proper auto insurance, as other drivers may not practice the same caution. By comparing car insurance quotes, consumers may be able to get the best deal.

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