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Staten Island woman alleges botched augmentation surgery left her with 'four breasts'

Posted On Thu, March 4, 2010

Forty-year-old Staten Island mother Maria Alaimo was looking for a breast augmentation at a reasonable price, but ended up getting more than she had bargained for, and has brought forward a $5 million lawsuit because of the error.

"Maria came out of that operation with essentially four breasts," Michael J. Kuharski, Alaimo's attorney, told Jurors on Monday during the first day of a case against the doctor she alleged botched her 2003 medical procedure, according to Staten Island Live.

After shelling out $7,000 to get augmentation surgery in 2003 at Choice Medical in Staten Island, Alaimo claims that the result of the procedure left her with heavy scars and severe swelling the size of softballs that are referred to as "doubly-bubbled deformities." A follow-up surgery produced no better results, only adding additional scarring.

Following a divorce from her husband and alleged embarrassment in the years that followed the surgery, Alaimo eventually brought forth a $5 million lawsuit alleging that the surgery caused "pain ... disability, loss of self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment."

The attorney for the medical clinic and Dr. Keith Berman, who performed the procedure, argued that plastic surgeries are often "trivialized," and that it is not understood that not everyone may respond well to the procedures

While an extreme example of what kinds of unlikely medical mishaps can occur during a procedure, Alaimo's situation underscores the need for more than adequate health and life insurance coverage that address every aspect of a medical procedure, even the unforeseen ones.


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