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Saving on gas could benefit consumers

Posted On Wed, February 29, 2012

Many areas of the country are dealing with rising gas prices, but a recent report from Main Street noted that consumers can make some adjustments to save money.

Consumers should do what they can to seek out the least-expensive gas station, according to the news source. It may not look like much initially, but a few cents per gallon here and there can add up. In addition, unless a car absolutely needs a type of gas other than premium, give it regular. It could end up being a waste of money otherwise.

"There are a lot of cars that recommend premium gas, but they would run just fine on regular," Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor for, told the news source. "If premium is required, then you have to put it in, but 'recommended' is the key word."

While saving money at the pump can help, it may not be a bad idea to look into other ways to save money on a vehicle. One good idea could be to compare auto insurance quotes to find the best price available.

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