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Safety tips for driving in blizzard conditions

Posted On Mon, December 31, 2012

In the winter months, it's important for drivers to take care to prepare their vehicles for driving in blizzard conditions in order to avoid a serious accident.

If drivers take certain steps to ready their driving habits and their vehicles for the onset of winter, they may be able to avoid an accident that would otherwise have raised their auto insurance rates.

Before heading out onto the road on a winter's day, vehicle owners should be sure to bring along a few items that will help them get out of a snow emergency situation. An ice scraper, for instance, will help them to chip off any frozen matter on their windshield or windows that blocks their vision.

A large shovel is also useful, for times when drivers find themselves stuck in deep snow. If they are stuck and their tires are spinning, searching for traction, a bottle of WD-40 or coarse salt would be useful in getting the vehicle in motion.

If drivers do find themselves forced to drive in a blizzard, it is important that they drive as slowly as possible and turn on their vehicle's fog lights. Additionally, if they are running the heat in the car, they should make sure that the exhaust pipe is unblocked by snow or ice.

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