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Research looks at driving habits and vehicle ownership

Posted On Mon, October 18, 2010

Auto insurance companies take several factors into account when they determine how much to charge a motorist for coverage. There are multiple things that can cause fluctuations in costs.

Data from Quality Planning, a company that validates policy holder information, looked at vehicle type and motorist driving habits. That firm's research found that it's not necessarily the high-performance cars that are have more violations.

"Besides the sociological aspect of 'who drives what,' the manner in which private passenger cars and trucks are driven has a meaningful bearing on how much individuals and families pay for auto insurance," says Quality Planning senior vice president Bob U'Ren.

The research also found that Mercedes-Benz SL-Class roadster drivers were four times more likely to receive a traffic ticket than the typical motorist.

There are other tactics used by insurers to measure rates. For example, most insurers will charge motorists more if they have traffic violations or have been in a motor vehicle accident. Rates can also be higher for those who garage a car in a city or area that has higher rates of theft.

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