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Report: Parents not using car seats correctly

Posted On Tue, September 20, 2011

A recent report from the C.S. Mott Children's National Poll on Children's Health showed that many parents are not installing their child's safety seat in the correct manner.

More than 70 percent of parents moved the safety seat to the forward position before the child turned two, while 30 percent did this before their child turned one. This can be problematic, as many children are not physically ready for this.

"When a child is sitting in a rear-facing car seat, the stopping forces are spread out over their entire back." said Dr. Michelle Macy, a clinical lecturer of emergency medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School. "However, in the forward-facing position, all of the crash forces are focused on the points of the body that come into contact with the car seat straps."

Parents who have small children may want to ensure that they have the most affordable auto insurance with the best coverage possible, because it is both important to make sure them and their child are adequately covered, while still trying to save money.

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