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Report: Number of stolen watercrafts declines

Posted On Wed, September 14, 2011

A recent report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau showed that from the beginning of 2009 through May of 2011 there were more than 16,000 watercrafts stolen in the United States.

During 2010, there was 6,663 stolen items. This was an 11 percent decrease from 2009's 7,485, according to the report. Nearly 40 percent of those stolen - a total of more than 6,300 - were eventually recovered. Florida, California and Texas were the three states with the highest amount of thefts, and they were followed by Washington and North Carolina.

Florida, California, Texas, Washington and North Carolina were the five states with the best percentage of recoveries, the report noted.

It is important to lock a watercraft when docking it, and attaching to a steel cable is recommended. Detachable motors should be chained, and battery removal can further discourage theft.

For those concerned about their watercraft, it may be a good idea to examine various insurance rates, as shopping around will likely get a consumer the best deal available. 

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