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Protecting a home when it's unoccupied

Posted On Fri, January 14, 2011

Before a home is ransacked, thieves sometimes perform stakeouts, looking for unoccupied homes. Insurance companies are aware of the increased risk of a vacant home, and as a result, unoccupied insurance coverage can be hard to find. For those that do, the rates are extremely high.

With these residents in mind, says the best thing to do is make it appear as though the home is occupied. Asking a neighbor to come in and out throughout the day, parking a car in the driveway or setting up timers so lights will turn on and off at various times throughout the day are other methods to you.

A homeowner should also always keep valuables from view, even when the home is occupied, as they can be like moths to a flame for home invaders.

To lower rates, suggests performing tasks that will reduce the chances a home is damaged. For instance, if the unoccupied home is a summer getaway, it's wise to keep the heat turned on throughout the years so pipes don't freeze during the winter.

Homeowners should also remember to shop around for unoccupied homeowner's insurance, as some companies specialize in it. 

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