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Proper diet can go a long way in holding down health insurance costs

Posted On Tue, August 25, 2009

Americans who suffer from conditions like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure could end up facing declining health and rising health insurance premiums over the years.

With that in mind, the American Heart Association is urging people to reduce their intake of added sugars. According to the organization, women should consumer no more than 100 calories of added sugars per day, while men are advised to limit their intake to no more than 150 calories of added sugars.

The AHA notes that the most common source of added sugars in the typical American diet is sweetened beverages.

"Sugar has no nutritional value other than to provide calories. Consuming foods and beverages with excessive amounts of added sugars displaces more nutritious foods and beverages for many people," said researcher Rachel K. Johnson, a nutrition professor at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

She also added that a 12-ounce can of regular soda can contain as much as eight teaspoons of sugar.

By keeping themselves healthy, consumers will be more inclined to avoid serious medical problems and pre-existing conditions that can add greatly to the cost of their health insurance policies over time.

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