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Prevention can be the best medicine when it comes to health insurance

Posted On Mon, August 17, 2009

For consumers who are concerned about controlling the cost of their health insurance policies, one good place to start may involve a little bit of prevention.

This is because a recent study from the New England Healthcare Institute has found that patients who fail to take their prescriptions as directed are more likely to be hospitalized and face other medical risks. The total cost to the healthcare system of failing to stick to prescription regimens is said to amount to $290 billion each year.

"Much of the discussion in health reform today is really about providing better outcomes for patients, and ultimately better health and medication adherence is a fundamental missing link to better outcomes. We believe that it's critical that adherence be woven into the fabric of the health reform debate," the institute's Valerie Fleishman told the Boston Globe.

The Globe went on to report that between one-third and one-half of all the patients in the United States fail to stick to their prescription routines, and that the death rate, as well as the hospitalization rate, for such patients is higher.

Healthcare professionals also frequently remind patients that proper diet and exercise are crucial factors when it comes to staying out of the hospital and avoiding the medical conditions that can lead to greater health insurance expenses over time.

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