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Poll: Republicans, Democrats often with disparate views on food

Posted On Fri, March 1, 2013

A new survey reveals that as divided as Republicans and Democrats may be with regards to what qualifies as sound public policy, their preferences and tastes are often at polar opposites when it comes to food and drink as well.

Recently, survey research firm Public Policy Polling conducted an analysis among self-professed Democrats and Republicans, asking them various questions about what they preferred to eat. And in a number of instances, individuals who leaned left or right had distinct tastes that were opposite of the other.

For example, when asked about their favorite chicken fast-food chain, Democrats overwhelmingly favored KFC to Chick Fil A - 39 percent to 18 percent, respectively - while Republicans preferred the Atlanta-headquartered fried chicken eatery. And when it comes to fast food joints in general, more Republicans have a favorable opinion of them than do Democrats.

The survey also analyzed what baked goods conservatives and liberals preferred. Those who sided with Democrats more often than not said they generally purchased bagels at bakeries, while consumers who backed Republicans said their choice was the donut.

Food and health have been hot-button issues in the political sphere for some time. Recently, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill into law, preventing restaurants in the city from serving large sodas to customers. Supporters of the ban say that it's justified, as high-caloric intake leads to obesity. Detractors contend that the government should not be involved in personal health decisions.

Public Policy Polling also questioned Democrats and Republicans about health insurance rates. A majority of Democrats - 54 percent - said they'd be willing to pay more for take-out if it meant restaurant employees could better afford health coverage, a sentiment shared by 41 percent of Republicans.

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