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Pet medical costs can add up quickly without proper insurance

Posted On Tue, February 9, 2010

While not often thought of as a substantial cost, a new study from the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. has found that repeated medical care for non-life-threatening pet illnesses can add up quickly.

According to the insurance company, the most common ailment that affected dogs in 2009 and required care was an ear infection, while cats were treated the most for lower urinary tract disease.

"Despite a pet owner's best efforts, however, VPI's data shows that pets are still at risk for ailments that may require repeated trips to a veterinarian's office," said Dr. Carol McConnell, vice president and chief veterinary medical officer for VPI

For the 68,000 claims received by VPI for canine ear infections, the average claim fee was $100 per office visit. For cats, the average cost of the 3,700 medical claims for lower urinary tract disease received by VPI averaged a cost of $260 per office visit.

The most expensive medical cost for a dog was found to be treatment for a non-cancerous tumor, which cost an average of $335 per visit. For felines, the most expensive treatment was for periodontitis/dental disease, which cost an average of $360 per visit.

In order to prevent any pet medical bills from dragging down one's finances, taking out a pet health insurance plan for one's cat or dog could drastically reduce any substantial medical costs that are ever incurred.

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