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Parents can help protect teen drivers while saving on auto insurance

Posted On Tue, September 29, 2009

Parents who want to keep their young teenaged drivers out of harm's way on the road can start by laying down clear rules, according to recent media reports.

A recent USA Today report cites two separate studies which found that teenagers with parents who set clear rules and actually followed up on them were 70 percent less likely to speed and 30 percent less likely to use a cell phone behind the wheel.

The report suggests that parents should be strict but kind with their teenage drivers and can be especially helpful by following up on the things that the young people will learn in their drivers education classes.

The report also suggests other rules like enforcing curfews and keeping passengers out of a teenager's car for the first six to 12 months on the road.

The article comes several weeks after the state of Texas made news with its "Less Tears More Years" law, which will judge driving schools based on the safety records of their teenaged graduates for their first year on the road.


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