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Online course helps keep auto insurance premiums at bay

Posted On Mon, January 3, 2011

Taking an online driver's education course may help people fend off auto insurance surcharges in the event they receive a ticket in Michigan.

The Michigan Secretary of State's office has approved a course administered by O/E Learning. Some motorists will be eligible to successfully complete the program within 60 days of a traffic violation instead of having points added to their driving record.

O/E president Brian Makowski cites research indicating the majority of motorists who complete an online course do not have another traffic violating within nine years.

"This new law provides drivers with a very unique opportunity," said Makowski. "Not only will they be safer drivers but they will be able to avoid additional points on their driving record."

Motorists who have driving records with points due to traffic violations or an accident are likely to see their auto insurance premiums rise. In many cases, a motorists must maintain a clean driving record for years before a notable decrease is seen in rates.

Abiding by the speed limit and following all stop signs can help reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision.  

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