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National health insurance standards must mirror state counterparts

Posted On Mon, August 15, 2011

Following the passage of the healthcare reform law, many state regulators are calling on the federal government to mandate that national insurance plans follow the same state standards as competitors do, according to The Hill.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners expressed concern that if national plans were not required to uphold certain regulations, patients may suffer and competition might become unfair.

"If the standards imposed upon Multi-State Plans are less stringent than those imposed upon others, Multi-State Plans will benefit from an advantage and will draw business away from those plans that are subject to state laws," the NAIC said in comments about the national plans.

According to the new legislation, every state must have at least two nationwide insurance options and create insurance exchanges, the media outlet reports. There is a minimum criteria that these national plans must follow, but states are given the authority to make further requirements.

However, some experts feel that if multi-state plans are exempt from additional standards that state plans are required to comply with, they may only choose to insure the healthiest people.  

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