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Motorists say they frequently witness aggressive driving

Posted On Fri, December 17, 2010

Aggressive driving is a serious problem in the U.S. The behavior can result in an accident and higher auto insurance rates.

PEMCO insurance recently conducted a poll of people's driving habits. The results reveal many drivers have seen more aggressive driving behavior than in the past. In fact, rudeness on the road was witnessed an average of 12 times per month.

Psychologist Wallace Wilkins says aggressive driving can be in response to stress.

"It's common for drivers to feel as if they 'own' the 30 feet of pavement ahead of them," says Wilkins. "So some drivers try to enforce that sense of predictability, control and respect within the territory that they 'own.' When something uncontrollable happens in that space, some drivers are offended by the surprise and respond by acting aggressively."

Those who use aggressive driving practices may not yield to oncoming traffic, resulting in an accident. Even a minor collision can result in higher car insurance premiums. Motorists should not get behind the wheel if they are not in the appropriate state of mind to drive.

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