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Moms may not be educated on germs

Posted On Mon, January 16, 2012

Some parents may need a bit of a refresher course when it comes to germs affecting their children, according to a recent survey from Playtex.

Most mothers who were surveyed did not receive positive marks, as the majority were given a grade of 'D,' according to the source. While more than 90 percent of mothers were confident that it was important to wash their hands after each diaper change, fewer than 35 percent of moms with newborns knew that the place where germs collect the most is the changing table. Approximately half of new moms noted they needed to thoroughly clean high-germ areas at least once per day.

"Keeping the nursery as clean and as germ-free as possible is such an important aspect for most parents," said Dr. Benjamin Tanner, a germ expert and microbiologist, and partner in the study. "But when we surveyed moms, we found that they generally aren't aware of the best ways to do it."

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