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Many teens still drive while distracted

Posted On Mon, April 16, 2012

Close to six in 10 teens drive and text at the same time, and many parents aren't doing enough to prevent their children from partaking in such an unsafe practice, according to State Farm.

The poll, which was completed for the insurance company by Harris Interactive, showed that slightly more than one-third of teens think that driving while distracted can be fatal. Slightly more than 60 percent think that they will get into an accident by routinely driving and texting.

In addition, 82 percent of teens who speak with their parents regularly about texting while driving do not practice this at all, the report stated. Close to half of those with a learner's permit reported having regular conversations with parents about driving safety. However, only 22 percent of those who have their license noted having this talk regularly. The first year of owning a license for a teen is considered to be the most likely to crash compared to any year afterward.

"The conversation should not end when teens get their license," said Chris Mullen, director of technology research at State Farm. "Through this survey and other teen driver research, we know that ongoing parental involvement in the learning process is key to keeping teen drivers safe behind the wheel."

Many drivers do practice safe habits on the road, but the reality is that many people do not. In order to protect a person against the dangers of being on the road, it may be a good idea to look for auto insurance quotes that are more sufficient than a consumer's current policy. In addition, a strong plan could keep children covered in case of an accident, especially if they are starting out behind the wheel.

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