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Many people still not driving safely

Posted On Wed, July 18, 2012

Harris Interactive reported that a significant portion of American drivers who recently purchased a new vehicle have not practiced safe driving habits.

The 2012 Harris Poll AutoTECHCAST showed that 84 percent of these drivers of new vehicles have participated in at least one distracted driving activity a month. In addition, these drivers typically average close to 37 unsafe practices during a given month. The most popular dangerous behavior is phone calls, which averaged 11 each month. Drinking beverages occurred close to eight times each, while texting and emailing were at five times and three times per month.

Despite these behaviors, those who participate explained that they would be open to using technologies that would help cut down on distracted driving, according to the report. Close to one-quarter of Americans noted they would be interested in using a device that docks smartphones. Furthermore, close to two-thirds noted that they would like a built-in navigation system over portable options or a smartphone.

"While ideally these drivers should practice fewer of these distracted driving habits," stated Mike Chadsey, vice president and automotive solutions consultant for Harris Interactive, "It is also comforting to know that this distracted driving group is aware of the importance of safety features and is actively considering them for their next vehicle purchase."

Many people may practice safe driving habits, but it is important to be aware that others on the road may not be doing the same thing. In order to be better protected in case of an accident due to one of these incidents, consumers should reexamine their current automotive policy. By taking various auto insurance quotes and sizing them up against a driver's current plan, they may get exactly what they need at a reasonable price.

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