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Many insured consumers cannot afford dental care

Posted On Thu, January 5, 2012

Consumer Reports recently released a survey that showed many Americans are struggling to pay for dental bills, and some are putting off procedures due to the costs.

More than 40 percent of respondents said cost was an issue when it came to putting off dental care, the report noted. Nearly one-quarter of respondents noted they didn't get the treatment that was needed due to their maximum limit being met, while close to that amount said their plan won't cover the work needed.

However, only one-third noted in the survey said that they are keeping up on dental hygiene at a proper level.

"Because cost is an issue, consumers need to be clear about the line between dental care that is necessary and the procedures they can live without," said Nancy Metcalf, senior program editor of Consumer Reports. "Many dentists are trained to push for procedures, both cosmetic and non cosmetic, that will boost their bottom line."

Consumers who are unhappy with their current plan may want to go online and compare health insurance rates. There could be a plan with dental coverage that is both practical and affordable.

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