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Many areas at risk of hurricane damage

Posted On Fri, June 15, 2012

A recent report from CoreLogic showed that not only are homes on the Gulf Coast at risk of significant hurricane damage during this season, but the Atlantic region may be, as well.

The firm's Storm Surge Report showed that both regions could have as many as four million homes at risk of damage from hurricanes during this summer, the report explained. These homes have a total damage price tag of more than $700 billion. When examining each area, the Gulf Coast region has close to $200 billion in exposure, with 1.8 million homes at risk. The Atlantic has 2.2 million homes at risk, with an exposure of $500 billion.

"Though more frequently impacted states like Florida, Texas and Louisiana get the most attention when it comes to hurricane vulnerability and destruction, Hurricane Irene made it very clear last summer that hurricane risk is not confined to the southern parts of the country," said Dr. Howard Botts, vice president and director of database development for CoreLogic Spatial Solutions. "As we got a glimpse of during Irene, our 2012 report shows even a Category 1 storm could cause property damage in the billions along the northeastern Atlantic Coast and force major metropolitan areas to shut down or evacuate."

With some hurricanes having already taken their course, it could be important for homeowners to check their current home insurance plan, to make sure that it is up to a high standard. If not, it may be important for these people to seek out a better option. A good way to do this is to look online with multiple home insurance quotes, and carefully comparing them to the current offering they have. 

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