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Majority of employees didn't use their vacation days in 2009

Posted On Thu, December 31, 2009

As the economy sputtered and the unemployment rate skyrocketed throughout 2009, a new survey has found that many workers lucky enough to keep their jobs did not use their allotted vacation days.

However, taking so little time off may lead to a decrease in productivity and leave workers more susceptible to medical conditions that may lead to a rise in health or life insurance costs.

The survey, conducted by Manpower's Right Management, found that 66 percent of employees did not utilize all of their vacation days in 2009, with one primary reason being a fear for one's job security.

However, Douglas J. Matthews, the president and COO of Right Management, said that working so hard without taking time for a breather could lead to medical problems down the road.

"All employees should make it their New Year's resolution to use allocated vacation during the year. Not doing so can lead to increased stress and related health issues, negatively impacting performance and productivity," he said.

Overworking without taking time out can lead to a number of stress-related conditions such as increased blood pressure, sleep issues, and digestive problems. If such conditions lead to a more serious affliction such as a heart attack, health insurance premiums could increase substantially.

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