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Keep your home safe from winter storm perils

Posted On Tue, February 16, 2010

As much of the East Coast deals with its second major snow storm in less than one week, homeowners affected by the winter weather should take proper precautions to prevent any serious damage from occurring to their house.

According to the Restoration Industry Association, there are a number of actions that one can take before, and during, a serious snowstorm to make sure that their home remains unharmed.

Because excessive snow that gets left on a roof can melt and then refreeze in the eaves, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the roof, the association recommended prompt removal of any snow that may be gathering after a storm.

Much attention should also be paid to the pipes in a home. Keeping heat on and water faucets open slightly while making sure the areas around pipes are not cold can prevent frozen pipes that could burst and cause significant damage.

Additionally, monitoring the use of any space heaters to make sure they do not overheat and catch fire is also recommended.

Homeowners should be sure to review the details of their home insurance policy to see what types of damage comes standard and what requires additional policies to be taken out. Homes that are located in areas that do not usually see high snow totals may not receive basic plans that cover certain water and pipe damages that can come in a blizzard.


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