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Kansas lawmakers to consider health insurance amendment

Posted On Mon, February 14, 2011

State representatives and federal judges have generally been the ones airing their disapproval with the new federal healthcare law. But if an amendment passes the Kansas House and Senate, the state's residents would be given a say with their vote.

The Kansas Congress is considering a proposal to amend the state's constitution. If it gains a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate, voters would determine if the amendment passes, which would prohibit the federal government from requiring the purchase of health insurance.

"No government authorities can tell Kansans what healthcare or health insurance they can purchase," said state Representative John Rubin to the Kansas City Star.

Lawmakers in support of the healthcare law told the paper they questioned the state's ability to nullify a federal law by amending the state's constitution.

"To say that you can do that is not telling people the truth," said state Representative Ed Trimmer to the paper.

Though no recent polls have been done of Kansas residents specifically, national polls have been conducted since the federal health care law was passed last year. Virtually all of them have found people are opposed to the mandate. A Rasmussen poll conducted earlier this week found nearly 60 percent favoring repeal.

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