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Insuring a high-performance vehicle

Posted On Mon, August 15, 2011

A recent article by GM Authority investigates why the cost of insuring high-performance vehicles is often so much higher than insuring less expensive vehicles.

High-performance vehicles are categorized as such because they are powerful, and the article notes that insurers view these automobiles as being more prone to accidents. National statistics and studies have shown that high-performance cars are more likely to be involved in crashes, whether big or small, which leads to an increase in the number of auto insurance claims.

Another reason auto insurance rates are higher for sports cars is that in the event of a collision, replacement parts for high-performance vehicles are usually very expensive, says GM Authority. It's often difficult to get a hold of parts for high-performance vehicles, particularly for imported models. Even simply repairing a component of a sports car usually costs much more than repairing a similar part on a less expensive vehicle.

The attractiveness of high-performance vehicles to car thieves also plays into higher insurance rates. However, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that the most stolen vehicle in the United States in 2010 was the 1994 Honda Accord, followed by the 1995 Honda Civic and 1991 Toyota Camry. 

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