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Insurance experts recommend reviewing policies regularly

Posted On Fri, March 25, 2011

Home insurance policies may not be engrossing material, but industry experts say it's important to review them on a regular basis. Otherwise, the consequences may be costly.

In interviews with the USA Today, insurance industry representatives say a lot can happen to a home in 12 months and homeowners need to keep track of those changes so that they can inform their insurers.

Amy Denise, senior managing editor with, says it can be easy to forget about documenting home improvements.

"[Homeowners] get wrapped up in the remodeling and never even think of picking up the phone to let home insurance companies know," Danise said.

But it's not just changes to the structure of a house that need to be documented. Industry experts tell USA Today that valuables purchased should also be taken into account as most policyholders insure their belongings with their home insurance policy.

Home insurance policies typically have a fixed amount of coverage for valuables. Therefore, if additional items are purchased over a given year, homeowners may have to take out a separate policy or add to the coverage amount. This will help prevent homeowners from being disappointed when they realize a valuable that was damaged or stolen was not insured. 

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