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Insurance coverage and access to care not as closely knit as many think, says survey

Posted On Mon, March 8, 2010

A new survey released from the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation has found that there is more of a discrepancy between being covered by health insurance and having access to medical when in need of it.

According to a Michigan-based survey of 1,022 adults that was released on Monday, 17 percent of respondents who had some type of health insurance coverage still delayed seeking some type of needed medical care. The main reason for the lack of care was found to be concerns regarding medical costs, even with the coverage in place.

The survey also found that 40 percent of those without health insurance coverage delayed needed medical care as well.

"These findings point to the changing economic landscape in Michigan," said Marianne Udow-Philips, the CHRT's director. "Worries about the potential loss of health insurance coverage have now extended to those in manufacturing."

Additionally, the survey found that while many "low income urban dwellers" had fewer problems finding medical care than "high income suburban dwellers," suggesting a greater availability of health care providers in urban areas.

The survey also found that the fear of losing medical insurance coverage had become more widespread during the economic downturn, with those in the manufacturing arts, services, hospitality, and retail occupation sectors all putting their "worry level" regarding their loss of coverage between 40 percent and 52 percent.

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