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Insurance Companies Promote Driving Safety for Teens

Posted On Wed, August 1, 2012

Auto insurance companies have stepped up their efforts to promote teen driving safety following studies proving that cell phone distractions - both auditory and visual - cause 23% of yearly automobile accidents.

In 2009, the Pew Research Center released a study showing that 43% of all American teens claimed to have spoken on a cell phone while driving, while 48% had been in a car while the driver was texting. In a similar vein, the National Safety Council released a study in January 2010 (updated in 2011) revealing that 1.3 million crashes every year involve cell phone use, with 100,000 of those caused by texting. Insurance companies, having put two and two together, have collectively decided that the answer to decreasing cell phone use while driving - and therefore automobile accidents in general - lies with the teens. In order for young drivers to maintain manageable insurance rates, safe driving is critical.

State Farm recently partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in launching a campaign, to debut in September, called "Celebrate My Drive." The promotion, meant to teach new drivers the rules of the road using positive reinforcement rather than admonishment, will involve several events featuring contests, games, and prizes centered around safe driving. Similarly, GEICO has redesigned its teen driving safety website,, in order to make it accessible on mobile devices. However, the company firmly reminds teens that they should not access the site while driving.

Insurance companies' focus on promoting teen driving safety comes with the hope that by providing new drivers with positive reinforcement and a wealth of information, they can decrease the danger of cell phone-caused automobile accidents in general.

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