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Improve one's health to lower health insurance premiums

Posted On Tue, January 12, 2010

In addition to improving one's physique, making a point to improve one's personal health in the new year may be the best way to cut health insurance premiums and attain the most affordable coverage possible in the current economic climate.

According to experts at LipoScience Inc, which develops tests to look for and monitor cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, making a point to exercise on a daily basis, no matter what the circumstances, can quickly lead to improvements in one's heath.

Even if one cannot afford a gym membership, the fitness company referenced exercise instructor Mirabai Holland, who urged people to use everyday items such as water bottles, sacks of flower, or an act as simple as mopping a floor as ways that one can get into better shape.

"While we all feel that healthcare costs go only one way, and that's 'up', there are opportunities to get great bargains in health care and make small changes that can do you and your family a world of good in 2010," added Dr. William C. Cromwell, medical director for Novant Heart & Wellness/Raleigh.

Using a pedometer, which measures how many steps one takes in a day, can also be an easy - and affordable - means to improve one's health. Dr. Cromwell said that walking at a moderate pace using a pedometer, which can be purchased for under $20, could burn up to 130 calories-per-hour.

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