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How to prevent dog bites

Posted On Fri, May 20, 2011

With National Dog Bite Prevention Week coming to a close, the American Veterinary Medical Association wants to make sure dogs remain man's best friend by offering tips on how to keep pooches passive.

According to the AVMA, when selecting a dog, it should not be done on impulse. The source recommends being deliberative and taking one's time. Some pet experts recommend laying a puppy on its back to gauge its submissiveness.

When raising a puppy, the AVMA says certain things can be done to make sure its temperament remains mellow. For example, the group says a puppy should be gradually introduced to other pets and people so it grows accustomed to social settings. Owners should be careful, however, to keep one's pet away from people that may frighten easily, according to the source.

The AVMA says a dog's mental health is important to dog prevention, and this can be achieved through normal dog-ownership activities, such as talking walks and playing. However, the source says people should avoid overly stimulative games, such as tug-of-war.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, medical expenses for dog bites have risen over the years, but they may be covered under a person's home insurance policy.

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