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Home insurance rates often determined by location

Posted On Thu, December 24, 2009

Consumers have long known that their home insurance rates can be dramatically affected by the area they live in due factors such as weather and other things.

For example, homeowners in hurricane-prone states like Florida tend to pay higher premiums, especially in light of storms earlier in the decade that caused billions of dollars in damage throughout the region. Another factor can be a home's proximity to fire departments and hydrants, especially in states that have an elevated danger of wildfires.

However, people may not realize that other factors such as crime and environmental conditions can also play a role in determining the cost of one's home insurance.

With that in mind, a major insurance company recently released a list of the most secure cities in the nation for people to live in, based on their size and using a variety of different factors to reach its decisions.

For example, the largest cities topping the list were Austin, Texas and Des Moines, Iowa, while smaller cities deemed more secure from a home insurance standpoint included Lewiston, Idaho and State College, Pennsylvania.

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